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Take your business to the next level! If you have an idea, or a growing business, we can help. Ask us about startup strategy, sales and marketing, turnaround and growth management.

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Funding Support

Whether you are looking for funding to enable faster growth, to help launch innovative new products and ideas or to help an existing business overcome hurdles, we can help you find that perfect investor.

Growth Management

We help expand your business expand into other markets. We can help with processes, internationalisation and European market entry strategy.

Startup Strategy

We offer consulting advisory for your startup business, including; business operations, product and service definition, financial planning, and sales and marketing strategy.

Business Services

Our firm can help with sourcing business services, including legal and accounting services, training and recruitment, IT development and digital agency. We also offer interim management on c-level.

Ignite your Startup

If you think the idea of starting a new business is overwhelming, you are not alone. Our consultants can help you plan and launch your new startup, or develop a plan to take an existing startup to the next level. We can help you with professional advice to develop a sound business model, implement a solid sales and marketing plan, and secure funding to grow your business venture. We help businesses get ready to attract investment, at any stage of growth, then introduce the right investors. We always consider each startup’s unique makeup when defining business, operations and investment goals.

Often the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind is spending scarce budget on external consultants. But, there are key moments in a company’s growth when hiring exactly the right consultant can make great business sense.

At Prague Startup Consulting, we consult for the smallest startups through to multinational companies, and we’ve identified three key moments in a company’s life when an external consultant is likely to add the most value to a business.

Developing your strategy

At some point you’ll need to develop a coherent strategy for growing your business. This can take the form of  growth strategies, sales process development, training, product-marketing-sales alignment, and channel development.

Improving efficiency

Your business is a series of processes, most of which have probably developed organically as the business has grown. We identify areas where the you could be more efficient.

Expanding into new markets

As your business grows, you’ll almost certainly want to provide a broader range of products or services, or expand your existing proposition into new markets.

Do you have an idea?

And you are looking for someone to help your project happen? Please, contact us and we will be happy to provide a free review.

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Our Services


Business Strategy

Know your market. We’ll help you find your unique sales proposition, help position yourself in the industry, conceptualise business scenarios and define concrete targets and milestones.


Product Marketing Strategy

How does your solution fit with the market requirements? How are sales channels and communication going to affect your growth? How will positioning and branding add to your message? We will help define these areas.


Business Setup

We can help with the administration and setup of your business. This includes all legal setup for incorporation, securing the intellectual property, operational setup and organising tools and processes.


Financial Planning

We will create a detailed liquidity overview that will allow you to plan and be ready for all financial hurdles. We will help plan for of necessary resources and investment strategy moving forward.


IT and Development Support

We can help you source IT development using our network – either by hiring a development house, outsourcing talent or recruiting. We will bring your vision as a minimum viable product quickly.


International Expansion

Taking your business global is a complex job. We are your expert resource for planning and strategy in your international expansion, including strategic planning and operational support in international markets.


Venture Capital

We will help you to find that perfect partner for your funding needs. Through the process of business planning, defining investment strategy and networking with investors we will help securing funding for your next-stage business growth.


Public Funding

We can help source either EU or other public sources of funding for specific projects. We can assess your options and then help navigate the application process, eligibility requirements and manage the funding process from start to finish.

We can help. At any stage.

Have an idea? We can help.

Do you have a business idea in mind, but you don’t want to get up to your ears in debt? But you want know if your idea can grow into something big? Then you’ve come to the right place. Why don’t you just drop by we will help validate your business idea.

Developing? We can help.

Your idea is already well advanced and you finally want to see it online. Here is how we can help you: we have developed a process which allows us to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a short time and at reasonable costs. We will develop a solid base on which we can built on after a successful testing phase.

Launching? We can help.

You already have a first investment or funding for your business idea, but you’re still looking for an experienced team/partner with whom you can realize your project. We offer bootstrapping with manpower and full support in product development. And if you are looking for a strategic partnership including Team building, we can talk about it as well.

Growing? We can help.

Your business has started and is well received by first clients and partners, but now you want to grow and scale your business. Internationalisation of a business always happens on several levels – we will help you to promote your brand, product, processes and technology equally. We also have experience in the area of technical and security audits for the next investment round, so if you need help with that we are happy to assist you, too.

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